What is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

A certified nursing assistant, also know as CNA, assists clients or patients with medical desires under the supervision of the Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Also referred to as a Nursing Assistant (NA) a Patient Care Assistant (PCA) or perhaps a State Tested Nurse Aid (STNA), the person who work in this career needs a strong work mentality and talent, but problems with liability and legality stop Certified nursing assistants from doing certain procedures.

Certified Nursing Assistant – Cna Job

What is basically a certified nursing assistant?

A certified nursing assistant is responsible for taking proper care of different patients. The job as nursing assistant might not be one of the most prestigious hospital jobs. But still a certified nursing assistant plays a vital role in providing basic nursing facilities and services in daily operations. If a certified nursing assistant provides effective services, patients are relieved to a great extent as they are being taken care of properly.

The DUTIES or job description of Cna

Here`s an outline o the main duties of a CNA, though they may seem menial, they are actually incredibly important for the patients and for the smooth running of the whole hospital or clinic such as;

1)  Catering to the Daily Patient Needs.
2) Providing basic health care facilities such as; grooming, feeding and bathing services to a patient
3) Providing emotional and social support to different patients
4) Equipment Set-Up
5) Reporting In to the doctor and briefing the in-charge nurse


Due to the fact that there is a great number of aging populations in United States there are a large number of nursing assistants needed immediately to fill positions in different health care units. Apart from nursing home, there`s an influx of hospitals having limited manpower.

Other potential sectors to practice as certified nurse assistant;

  • Charity homes and health care organizations
  • Nursing homes
  • Private homes
  • Old age homes
  • Nonprofit organization
  • Hospitals
  • Drug rehabilitation center
  • Rehabilitation centers

The good news for students who are still in their training phase as certified nursing assistant is that chances of getting a job after the completion of certification might be 100 % but you might have to work on a pay lower than you expect. One of the benefits you might get out of it is that you may gain experience and become a senior nursing assistant. After getting years of experience there will be other health care facilities willing to offer you job on higher pay scale.

Certified nursing assistant salary

Being a certified nursing assistant, your salary depends on the institution as well as your level of experience and expertise. The future for a nursing assistant is, however, very bright and it is said that employment will increase manifold in the next few years.

Another good thing to note is that pay might increases alongside with your experience level. In other words more the experience more will be individuals pay. A nursing assistant’s salary might be less as compared to certified nursing assistants

Certified nursing assistant CERTIFICATION AND TRAINING

There are several institutes nationwide offer the certified nursing assistant training, and certification programs. Other than conventional way of training, there are cna class online to fulfill the demands of certain student. This is more flexible and convenient to those people who would like to take the training in home with a comfort environment without any time restrictions, unlike the standard class schedules. If you are not able to pay the fee then you can join the nursing homes. They will provide training and once you get certificate you have to work there for a specific time period as per contract terms and conditions.

Be sure to find an accredited nursing school to make you a better CNA.

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