CNA Training – Requirements, Module and Guide

Cna also known as “certified nursing assistant” is a fast growing career predicted to increase in demand in 2017 and later. Increase in healthcare services demand drive this career to growth exponentially along with increase in geriatric population. For those interested to contribute into this fast growing sector, the first compulsory step is to obtain the certificate after completing certain period cna training.

If you are new to this career, read Certified Nursing Assistant Quick Guide and CNA classes.

Cna training requirements

To become a certified nursing assistant, you must first complete a technical training program to gain knowledge and skill required to be in this career. The requirement to be accepted into the training program is a high school diploma, a GED or any relevant form of post-secondary education. The CNA training programs usually take 6-12 weeks and are offered in community colleges, medical facilities, trade schools, as well as institutions of higher learning.

Cna Training Module – What You Will Learn During The Programs

During the course, you will be learn and trained to master all crucial knowledge such as basic nursing skills, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, personal care skills, basic restorative services, infection control, mental health and pharmacology, resident’s rights, caring for cognitively impaired patients, social service needs.  During the practical module, you will able to master the practical skills, clinical activities under supervision.

How long should it take to complete CNA Training

Usually Cna classes will require you to attend anywhere from a state mandatory minimum of 75 hours up to 180 hours (depending on state).The amount of hours will be split between knowledge/lecture and clinical/laboratory training . About half of the hours required will be allocated to knowledge and lecture, and these can be completed online.  The rest will focus on clinical and laboratory training that have to be completed at on campus sites.

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