Nurse Practitioner vs Physician Assistant – The Difference & Similarity

Differences and Similarities Between Nurse Practitioner and Physician’s Assistant – There are more similarities between a nurse’s practitioner and a physician’s assistant. They are both in the medical field, but there are differences in the job they perform in the education they receive. The main difference between the two positions, are the requirements needed for the education, but they do perform similar jobs in a doctor’s office.

Physician assistant or nurse practitioner which is better?

A nurse practitioner, is first and foremost a registered nurse with an advanced education and clinical training. They provide a wide range of healthcare services which include: diagnosis and management of common and complex medical conditions. They can work independently or in collaboration with a physician in his office, depending on each state’s requirements and regulations. The nurse practitioner is patient centered, does health assessments, diagnosis, and treatment. Their focus in the doctor’s office is to help patients with health education, disease prevention, and counseling.

A nurse practitioner needs to have a Masters or a doctoral degree along with nurse practitioner preparation and at least one specialty population. They need to be certified by the national boards in one of these specialties: acute-care, adult, family, gerontology, neonatal, oncology, pediatric, psychiatric or women’s health issues. They are certified by one of these agencies: American Association of Nurse Practitioners or American Nurses Credentialing Center.

They need to be recertified every five years. They can keep up their certification with continuing education units or an appropriate examination. A nurse practitioner needs a minimum of 1000 hours of clinical practice and a minimum of 75 hours in their specialty. They also need to know some pharmacology as part of their certification. They can write prescriptions in 50 states, while it only in 21 states and Washington, DC they could practice only under a varying degree of a physician’s assistance. They are limited to the types of drugs they can prescribe only in Florida. They are eligible be certified by both Medicare and Medicaid. The average salary for nurse practitioners is around $98,000 a year or $47 an hour. So, let go to know more either pa vs np which is better?

Is a nurse practitioner above a physician assistant?

A physician’s assistant has a medical background with and an advanced education and clinical training with a focus on the medical aspects of healthcare – physician assistant differ with nurse practitioner in term of scope of practice. They can take a medical history, conduct a physical examination, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tasks, council on preventive care, assistance surgery, write prescriptions, make rounds in hospitals and nursing homes. They are licensed to practice medicine with supervision by a physician. They practice a team approach with a physician.

A physician’s assistant has a graduate education, and are required to complete an accreditation program. They take their accreditation and licensure through the National Commission on Physician’s Assistants.

They are required to have 100 continuing medical education credits every two years and an examination every 10 years. A PA’s certification mirrors that of a medical doctor’s certification process. A physician can delegate medical tasks to a PA in accordance with each individual state’s regulations. They do not need any on-site supervision by a doctor. They can be certified under Medicare and Medicaid providers and can receive reimbursement from commercial payers. Their salary range is $91,000 a year of $44 per hour.

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