Alibaba’s Jack Ma: Fake goods often better than originals


Beijing (AFP) – China’s unbranded goods are often better than the branded originals they imitate, founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba Jack Ma has said, posing an additional challenge to the battle against sales of counterfeits. “The problem is that the fake products today, they make better quality, better price than the real product, than the real names,” he said in a speech at Alibaba’s investor’s day in the southern city of Hangzhou Tuesday. “They’re the exact factories, the exact raw materials, but they do not use that name,” he added. China’s factories have traditionally churned out products for branded companies …

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Medical Billing And Coding Program

The Decision you make regarding a medical billing and coding program will highly determine your success in this career. Maybe you are wondering how to get the best medical billing and coding. Introduction to Medical Billing and Coding Career Keeping medical records and other health correlated information is a satisfying venture. With the current increasing demand of effective and reliable healthcare services, medical billing and coding programs have become tremendously vital. Every healthcare facility is now looking for professionals who can be able to keep their medical records. Therefore, if you wish to pursue a career in the this field …

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